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Innovative Ideas Training Academy (IITA)

 IITA Academy is the training and development division of Nerdie Technology Solutions group of companies and provides short courses for organisations and individuals that require flexible, practical business skills training. The purpose of the Academy is to build business relevant skills through the provision of innovative, practical, competitive and solution driven conferences, seminars, workshops, in-house- training and classroom based short learning programmes.

IITA has partnered with other organizations, universities, public and private sector to ensure excellent service delivery. Our extensive research, choice of speakers and training methodology has given us a competitive advantage and sound respect in all aspects of our business with the relevant public and private institutions which we offer a wide variety of workshops, conferences and In - House Training .our methodology focuses much on Work Readiness:

We aim to be a strategic global player in the field of continuous skills training and development through providing to all sectors, excellent products, services and practical training that enable growth and assist business to effectively achieve their core objectives.

 IITA Business Approach

Our pro-active market research methods and measures in the construction, designing and production of our programs, are effective for us to identify the specifically unique business challenges facing  local and international business organizations or corporations today. Our commitment to excellence means that we deliver genuine business solutions at competitive rates. Our research-driven, tailor made events relate directly to modern market trends and industrial evolution. We engage in a vigorous selection of highly qualified course leaders and trainers that believe and put emphasis in practical skills transfer and training teaching methodology. Through their practical experiences and expert knowledge in their field of expertise, we guarantee that you are exposed to the very latest thinking and most innovative practices in business today. Our course leaders and trainers have intensive experience in applying adult learning methodologies which will prepare all learners for real world situations.   
IITA sees a great need of a teaching methodology that puts much emphasis on practical skills transfer and training, than traditional word education. Due to our teaching methodology every training we provide comprises of teaching sessions covering each topic with practical demonstrations of the applications on the topic. Our aim is to make sure in completion of the training delegates have acquired excellent practical skills. Therefore, skills acquired through our training should be enough for someone to apply at any working environment and be productive from day one after training.

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We raise the awareness level of your organisation by researching hand in hand with you and developing a cutting edge training that would be facilitated by our industry trainers and speakers to get delegates very clear about where their personal focus is. The outcome of this is key in determining the emphasis and focus for individuals and thereby of the material for the programme.
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